Legal & Compliance

Following the most stringent standards and regulations

It is our responsibility to ensure that our lending practices are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Crediterium aims to provide our customers with a safe and transparent lending experience. We believe that this approach not only protects our customers, but also helps to strengthen the entire lending industry and build trust with the community.

At Crediterium, we are committed to providing our customers with responsible and ethical lending practices, and we will continue to adhere to all legal standards and regulations to ensure that we uphold this commitment.

Privacy Policy

How we may use the information we obtain from you, including your rights and our commitments.

Consumer Loan Procedures

Terms and conditions that govern our consumer loan services including general information about our services.

Terms of Use

Conditions governing the use of our website and other online services we provide.


Legal and compliance information specific to the state of Missouri.


Legal and compliance information specific to the State of Texas.


Legal and compliance information specific to the state of Utah.

Anti-Money Laundering

Ensuring transparency and preventing money laundering and other illegal activities in connection with our services.

OFAC Policy

We take national security seriously, understanding the role that the financial industry plays on keeping us all safe.

SMS Opt-in policy

Clear and respectful communications with applicants and customers are paramount for us. We abide by the following policies in our text communications.